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YOUR BRIDAL ACCESSORIES – Bridal Clutches, Bridal Shoes, & Shoe Clips.

Your bridal shoes need to tick a few boxes, they must look great, be comfortable and a practical height for you to wear all day.  Your bridal shoes are such a personal choice and you always need to remember, it’s a very long day.  We stock a variety of styles and heights and our customers have always boasted on how comfortable they are.

We also stock shoe clips which give amazing versatility to a plain but comfortable shoe.  They make great gifts for your bridesmaids and the best part is, you can transfer them to any shoe.  Wear them at the front, side or back, the options are only limited by your imagination.

Let’s not forget our stunning clutch and evening bag collection.  Your bridal clutch is going to be your little saving grace on your wedding day holding all your little essentials like bandaids, panadol, mini sewing kit, mobile (just in case something goes wrong and you need contacts), lipstick, mints etc.  It is an absolute must and really, it’s the perfect excuse to expand your clutch collection and keep using it time and time again.

We pride ourselves on our stunning jewellery and accessory collections, offering great luxe quality at an affordable price.  Our aim is to bring our gorgeous bridal products (that you and your bridal party will love) to your doorstep in a speedy and effortless manner.  Please enjoy shopping with us and click the ‘stylist advice’ button if you would like some professional help from our wedding stylist to ensure your making the right decision.  We want to help make your wedding experience enjoyable.